Best Printing adds Desktop Calendars to their offering.

Best Printing expanded the product range today by offering the desktop calendars as a standard product on their website.

Desktop Calendars

Desktop Calendars are useful in every office and home, while being very good form of advertising at the same time. A calendar is always in sight and reminds your customers about your business throughout the year. Depending on the artwork design, the calendar can be use in various ways. It can present your offer, photographs of people who are particularly close to the industry or refer to the aesthetics of the interior design.

Whichever your preference is, we can offer you the following sizes of desktop calendars – A5 horizontal and A6 vertical. These calendars are produce from the same quality materials. The cards are printed on 170-gsm paper with dispersion varnish protection and back by a stiff cardboard. The cards are connected to the backing by a metal spiral-type wire.

All 13 cards are single sided printed in CMYK colours. We provide a choice of three spiral colours – white, silver, and black

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How to prepare your artwork project.

When you want to start designing your artwork, you first need to make sure you have a list of all the requirements needed for this design.

A full list of artwork requirements can be found on the following link.

BestPrinting offer a template artwork for each product to help you in the designing the perfect artwork. Once you have selected the product on our website, you can download the template from the same page under the Template download button or can get it from the artwork help page at the bottom of the page.

The Template is the correct size with an additional layer on top to show you where the bleed and the safety space limits are. This layer must be removed before submitting the artwork. When designing the artwork you can refer back to this layer to make sure your artwork conforms to the limits set by this layer.

The main important details for design the artwork is the following

It must be the correct size as per the product specifications.

The background image must go all the way to the edge or it must be 5mm away from the edge.

All Images, Logos, or Text must be at least 5 mm away from the edge.

Images must be 300DPI. An easy way to see if the image is hig quality is to zoom to 400%.

On a 400% zoom the quality of the image must be high enough not to have blurriness or pixilation.

Best printing accept files in the following formats: JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, AI, PSD, and EPS. However, PDF & TIFF files are preferred.

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Compliment slips

A compliments slip is a piece of paper that contains the same name and address information that would be on a letterhead of a formal company letter. The word  “with compliments” or “with our/my compliments” are normally preprinted on them. They are mainly used for a personal note from the company or with supporting documents.Compliments slips, which are informal, can sometimes substitute for more formal letters of reply.
Adding a compliment slip with a a product brochure or price list are seen as a necessity for goods business relationships.Although there are no specific size for compliment slips, the norm is to use the size of a third of an A4 also known as a DL size

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When to Pay and when not to pay Vat?

When to Pay VAT and when not to pay Vat?

Here are the criteria when you need to pay Vat. It does not matter if you are a business or a welfare organization if you order fall in one of these criteria we will charge you VAT. If you are a welfare organization you can claim the VAT back from HM Revenue & Customs

1. Leaflets / Flyers:

Most flyers and leaflets are zero-rated but there are some exceptions.

Your order is subjected to 20% VAT if it’s designed:

- To obtain a discount on goods or services;

- To obtain admission to premises;

- To be used as a calendar;

- With major areas for completion (filling form);

2. Brochures / Booklets.

Brochures are usually zero-rated unless they are designed:

- As books of plans or drawings for industrial, architectural, engineering, commercial or similar purposes;

- As products that are essentially stationery items, for example, diaries and address books;

- To hold other items;

3. Business Stationery.

Business Cards, Letterhead and Compliment Slips are standard-rated and subjected to 20% VAT.

4. Posters.

Posters are standard-rated and subjected to 20% VAT.

5. Design Services.

Design services are standard-rated and subjected to 20% VAT.

For further information please refer to “Zero-rating of books etc” HM

Revenue & Customs leaflet.

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CMYK values when printing text

While designing your artwork, keep in mind the following.

Designing the text, which must be printed black, try to stay away from using all 4 CMYK colours.

Using all colours can result to problems with fonts when printed.

When a printing sheet goes through the 4 towers each containing one of the CMYK colours the sheet may go slightly off which may cause, e.g. yellow edging around black letters.

These are very rare cases; however, we had approximately 1% of orders printed with edging when four CMYK colour values were used.

To avoid this possible problem, you can change the CMYK values to Cyan: 0% Magenta: 0% Yellow: 0% Key (black):100%.

This way the black printing tower and not all four colours will print the text.

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You need folded leaflets?

You need folded leaflets? We are ready to help you. And here are a couple of hints.
When we fold paper, it cracks. It happens to any paper and the thicker the paper, the deeper the cracks are. And, on the other hand, the darker the colour, the more visible it is. Printing companies use creasing (hitting paper with a blade without cutting it) to minimize this effect. Besides that you can design the leaflet so that the lightest colour will cover the area of folding. You should think about it especially if the thickness of paper is equal or higher than 170 gsm. If you have any questions about designing folded leaflets, please contact us for more information

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How to Upload your artwork

How to Upload your artwork

After placing an online order on you can follow the following steps to upload your order.

To upload new artwork, please follow the following steps.
•    Login in your online account on our website
•    Go to orders
•    Click on the order number
•    Scroll down and click on “files upload”
•    Click on add files
•    Select the files you require to upload.
•    Then you have the option to add notes to each artwork
•    When done adding the notes you can click on send files.

Once you have uploaded the artwork, it will go to our professional graphic designers to verify if it meets our print requirements.
If it meets our print requirements, we will create a PDF proof for you to view and approve.
The PDF proof is you final change to make amendments before printing.
The Order will be printed as per the PDF you have approved.

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Brochures 135gsm Gloss

Best printing offers a range of brochure sizes starting as small as A6 up to A4.
When ordering a brochure, make sure that the number of pages can be divided by 4. So, a 32-page brochure will consist of 32 sides, 16 pages, and 8 sheets of paper. It is impossible to have 34 sides straight. If you require 34-side brochure, you have to order a 36-side one and leave two pages blank.
The 135gsm Gloss paper is ideal for advertising product ranges and detailed product information. The A5 brochure with the 250gsm gloss finish cover and the 135gsm gloss pages inside makes an ideal high quality company profile possible.

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Looking for affordable flyers?

Looking for quality flyers?

Best Printing offers flyers printed in full colour on a quality 135gsm paper with a gloss finish. The 135gsm Gloss Art flyers are the favorite choice of our customers

This paper stock is a good option for flyers or leaflets. To choose the size best fitting your requirement you can visit our website for the latest pricing. Having the option to print single or double sided for the same price makes this a very attractive marketing tool for small business.

The secret of its popularity is great value matched by quality.

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Flyers printed in full colour on 70gsm Gloss Art

Looking for low cost lightweight flyers?

Best printing has introduced a 70gsm paper with a gloss finish for Customer looking for a low cost bulk solution.

Due to the slightly smaller size and the low gsm it is possible to significantly minimize distribution cost when sending them in bulk to your customers.

The 70gsm flyers are available only in big quantity and it`s aimed at customers dealing with newspaper or magazine inserts which charge on the weight of the flyers.

Best printing offers its customers  printing on both sides of the flyer at the same price.
If you require black and white flyers or full colour, they will product it as the same low cost price.

For more information visit their website

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